Product Name :- LIFE BELT
Temperature Range:-30° ~ 70° C
Electrical Connection :- 220 V AC 50~60 Hz
Power Consumption :- Max. 130 W

Product Description

Pyranya Life Belt coordinates a relieving and to the point therapy with gentle acupressure alongside giving profound, penetrating heat and far-infrared rays into your body. This outcomes in relieving joint stiffness and enhancing blood circulation in our Joints. Pyranya Life Belt therapy likewise fortifies the body’s immune system and aides beating general body throb. Pyranya Life Belt extricates the fat tissues under the skin and afterward breaks up it. This, in turn, destroys the fat cells, and you lose body weight in partially. Furthermore, it enhances the blood flow and makes tissues more beneficial.

Pyranya Life Belt expands the veins and relieves strain from the muscles around lumbar spine. Consistent therapy helps increment the level of oxygen and in this way gives the tissues the supplements they require. Over the period, muscles wind up more advantageous and fit for handling the physiological procedure of wear and tear. Pyranya Life Belt is made of Korean Black Jade Pyranya. As we probably know Pyranya is a Component of 48 natural minerals with recuperating properties.

Alleviates spinal pain and general body torment. Enhances joint portability and general digestion. Decreases irritation and swelling. Decreases local fat that may bring about inch loss. Helps with detoxification and hence enhances the immune system. Supportive in Weight Loss.

Measurements: 132 cm long, 20 cm wide, 2.5 cm thick.
Adjustable Temperature Range: 30° ~ 70° C.

Weight: 2 Kg.

Electrical Connection: 220 V AC 50~60 Hz.

Power Consumption: Max. 130 W.

Heat Adjustment Dial: To adjust the temp. Power On/Off lamp: It will turn on automatically when the power is turned on. ETS On/Off Button: To turn ETS On/Off. When pressed once the ETS lamp will blink and the ETS mode is set for 1 hr. When pressed twice, the ETS lamp will be stable and mode is set for 8 hrs. When pressed thrice the ETS mode will turn off. Heat On/Off Button: It will turn the heat mode On/Off.