Product Name :- LIFE JACKET
Adjustable Temperature :-30° ~ 70° C
Electrical Connection:- 220V AC 50 Hz
Power Consumption:- Max. 210 W

Product Description

The Life Jacket is a unique Product of Good Life Medical. Its Ease the muscles in your shoulders, Back Shoulders & Lungs with deep penetrating healing FIR energy. As you Know Pyranya has the highest level of negative ions & Far Infrared Rays (FIR). Life Jacket is helpful in Shoulder Pain, Cervical, Head Pain & Back Area of lungs. For More Information please go for Product & Training Manuals.

Measurements: 45 × 60 cm, 2 cm Thick.

Adjustable temperature: 30° – 70° C.

Weight: 6 Kg.

Electrical Connection: 220V AC 50 Hz.

Power Consumption: Max. 210 W. Pyranya Ceramic 315.

Heat Adjustment Dial: To adjust the temp. Power On/Off lamp: It will turn on automatically when the power is turned on. ETS On/Off Button: To turn ETS On/Off. When pressed once the ETS lamp will blink and the ETS mode is set for 1 hr. Wen pressed twice, the ETS lamp will be stable and mode is set for 8 hrs. When pressed thrice the ETS mode will turn off. Heat On/Off Button: It will turn the heat mode On/Off.