Product Name :- MAX LIFE
Adjustable Temperature :-30° ~ 70° C
Electrical Connection:- 220V AC 50 Hz
Power Consumption:- Max. 210 W

Product Description

Max Life Super Mat is ergonomically designed to apply most extreme healing impact of PHOTONS, Pyranya and ETS (Electromagnetic Therapy System). It’s life supporting Photons therapy and FIR rays helps our entire body parts to overcome entire chronic issues. We have seen the healing power of Photons and furthermore felt the miracle advantages of Pyranya Ceramic; Moreover, we require more emphasized approach of treating ourselves. Good Life Medical Most Premium therapeutic equipment with the blend of 12 Photons and 798 Square shape Pyranya Ceramics and 6 ETS for our benefit. Max Life Super Mat has one more unique component is gives the advantage of Negative Ions.

Before we know about “photon light treatment” or “Phototherapy” is utilizing by Doctors for treatment. It is a kind of Cell and tissue repair and relief from discomfort treatment that has been utilized from since the last 1960s. It has a lot of research demonstrating its effectiveness, including various companion investigated studies about and has been recognized as a powerful technique for pain relief by the FDA and other international associations. Square Shape Korean Black Jade Pyranya implied for most extreme FIR exposure to the body. 798 major Square Shape Pyranya in Max Life Super Mat has indicated positive outcomes in curing and treating all malfunctions identified with Respiratory System, Digestive System, Blood Circulatory System and Nervous System. Negative ions from Laser also promote the response time of our body to be exact and short expanding our overall performance. PRINCIPLES Max Life Super Mat is the ultimate total wellness solution by utilizing a blend of 4 distinctive treatment standards to enable the body to re-establish and recover itself. The principle behind Max Life Super Mat are Photon Therapy, Thermal Far Infrared Rays, ETS & Negative Ions.

Photon Therapy is the utilization of a low-powered laser that produces particular wavelengths of light in the visible red and/or far infrared range for therapeutic purposes. This includes the application of low power light to territories of the body so as to stimulate healing. It is also known as cold laser, soft laser. Good Life Medical Photons of 650 NM is utilized as a part of Max Life Super Mat.Max Life therapy is also based on the principle of delivering the photon energy into cells within our body. When we set down on Max Life Super Mat, the light particles touch the skin and profoundly enter inside our body. Our body cells begin to absorb that energy and utilize it to revive and repair themselves. Photons works like how plants retain light by means of photosynthesis, utilizing that vitality to fuel the organism’s activities. Max Life Super Mat Photon therapy gives our cells the energy expected to recover & repair them making it possibly powerful for any issue situated in the skin and connective tissue.

Far infrared rays are one of the most beneficial therapies as it can truly enhance and supports all the systems in the body. Broad research has been finished by the FDA and other independent associations demonstrating far infrared rays therapy enhances overall health, expands oxygen in the blood, helps injuries heal quicker. NEGATIVE IONS Our body is encompassed by ions, both positive and negative ions, we can simply detect how they can represent the deciding moment our health. The Positive ions are bad, but rather negative particles are completely required by our body.

Good Life Medical introduced first time 6 ETS (Electromagnetic Therapy System) innovation in type of Electromagnetic Therapy in Max Life Super Mat. It has solid magnetism (around 60K Gauss control) and when it interacted with electric field then it makes a solid an magnetic field. Applying a similar principle when we begin taking therapy, it gives every one of the advantages of Medical Magnetic therapy. Around then Electromagnet postures both South Pole and North Pole and its Pole substitute South Pole to North Pole and the vice versa 50 to 60 times in a moment in a high speed. Because of quicker moment of Electromagnet, it gives most extreme advantage to our entire body.

Measurements: 180 cm long, 75 cm wide, 4.5 cm thick.

Adjustable Temperature Range: 30° ~ 70° C.

Weight: 24 Kg.

Electrical Connection: 220 V AC 50 Hz.

Power Consumption: Max. 250 W. ETS 6. Photons 12.

Heat Adjustment Dial: To adjust the temp. Power On/Off lamp: It will turn on automatically when the power is turned on. ETS On/Off Button: To turn ETS On/Off. When pressed once the ETS lamp will blink and the ETS mode is set for 1 hr. Wen pressed twice, the ETS lamp will be stable and mode is set for 8 hrs. When pressed thrice the ETS mode will turn off. Heat On/Off Button: It will turn the heat mode On/Off.