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Product Name :- MINI MASTER
Adjustable Temperature :-30° ~ 70° C
Electrical Connection:- 230 V AC 50~60 Hz
Power Consumption:- Max. 130 W

Product Description

Good Life Medical Korean Black Jade (Pyranya) ceramic Mat Mini Master for disease prevention and treatment of pains & improve Blood Circulation. It gives you a massage effect, wellness and better health. Mini Master is a Korean Black Jade Ceramic (Pyranya) thermal mattress emitting deep infrared heat rays and negative ions. Back pain is a widespread disorder, approx. every fourth Dane has occasionally pain in his back. The pain does not have to be especially serious and can be caused by everything from muscle infiltrations, teams in the lumbar spine to the discs. Normally, we must live with the pain, it is only a few minor surgery and back problems which may be operated. The Gold Slim Mat is ideal for thermal massage of the abdominal and back region. It is, for example, recommended to use for people whose back, regularly are congested on their job. Compact size makes the mat transport friendly.

Use it on the floor, in bed or in your favorite couch against for example backache, pain in lower back, abdomen, chest, etc. Normally recommended medication, but Mini Master is an alternative treatment for pain, without the use of medication and its side effects. As the other Good Life Medical products are the Pyranya Black Jade ceramic heat mattress an alternative option for relief of back pain. This is done through the Pyranya Black Jade ceramic characteristic and its design, which along with the body’s weight, giving a nice warm back massage. The mattress also helps to keep your body’s health in balance. Mini Master is a Famous Product of Good Life Medical it’s has a simple and compact design. This makes it portable and usable anywhere. Use it on your sofa, on the floor or in bed or used in a chair…!.

Measurements: 150 cm long, 56 cm wide, and 2.5 cm thick.

Adjustable Temperature Range: 30° ~ 70° C.

Weight: 6 Kg.

Electrical Connection: 230 V AC 50~60 Hz.

Power Consumption: Max. 130 W.

Heat Adjustment Dial: To adjust the temp. Power On/Off lamp: It will turn on automatically when the power is turned on. ETS On/Off Button: To turn ETS On/Off. When pressed once the ETS lamp will blink and the ETS mode is set for 1 hr. Wen pressed twice, the ETS lamp will be stable and mode is set for 8 hrs. When pressed thrice the ETS mode will turn off. Heat On/Off Button: It will turn the heat mode On/Off.