Negative Ions

The human body is encompassed by particles; hence, the capacity of electrons inside and outside the cells has noteworthy impact on the human body. It makes the body solid if great particles are taken. At the point when the measure of Negative Electric Ions contained one cc of air breathed in achieved 5,000 to 50,000, it reinforces the body’s protection and invulnerability; and when the measure of Negative Electric Ions contained in one D.C. of air achieved 100,000 to 500,000, it alleviates sicknesses. Adversely Charged Electric Ions in our body are fundamental in maintaining and enhancing our well-being. Though 85% of the Negative Electric Ions are consumed from our skin, just 15% is breathed in and ingested through our lungs.

Negative particles are gainful to human body in four noteworthy ways:

Fortify the elements of autonomic nerves.

Fortifies collagen (tissues that are versatile and strain related).

Enhances the porousness of the cell’s model plasma films (enhances digestion).

Fortifies the body’s insusceptible framework.